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Inclusive Design Principles

let’s dev - The brand for groundbreaking custom software

Inclusive design principles are guidelines and approaches for designing digital products and Make services accessible to a wide range of users. These Principles take into account the diversity of users and their needs, regardless of skills or demographic characteristics.

The process begins with a deep understanding of users and their needs, including physical and cognitive abilities and technical knowledge. Accessibility is a core principle that requires clear language patterns, alternative texts and keyboard navigation.

Inclusive design principles promote diversity and inclusion in design, which means taking into account different cultural backgrounds and perspectives. The Implementation improves user satisfaction, meets legal requirements and strengthens the company's image as a socially responsible actor.

Overall, inclusive design principles are crucial to creating digital products to make it accessible and usable to a broad user base. They ensure positive User experiences while meeting ethical and legal standards for Accessibility.

Inclusive Design Principles

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We program customized apps and advise our customers on all topics related to app development. Our services are perfectly coordinated and based on experience from national as well as international projects.


According to the Duden dictionary, the term "design" refers to the functional shaping and resulting form of an object of utility. Accordingly, design not only creates an attractive appearance, but also pays particular attention to the demands of functionality.

A good design should always be oriented towards the people for whom it is being developed. The needs, requirements and interests of the target group should always be in focus, which makes a purpose-oriented approach possible. Sometimes in this point design differs from art.

Design is found in a wide variety of disciplines and we encounter it almost everywhere in everyday life. These are, for example, media, fashion or product design. In a technically oriented context, one encounters above all the terms software and user experience design.


Inclusivity in technology and the use of digital products refers to creating solutions that are accessible and usable by a wide range of users, regardless of their individual abilities, limitations or backgrounds. This means that digital products should be designed to be accessible to all people, including individuals with disabilities, older adults, people from various cultural backgrounds and those with different levels of technological expertise.

In a software service company, inclusivity plays a central role as it aims to develop digital products that are accessible to the widest possible audience. This requires an awareness of the diverse needs and requirements of users as well as the integration of accessibility standards and guidelines from the outset of the development process.

The position of a software service provider regarding inclusivity is to ensure that digital products are designed and developed to be accessible to all users. This requires close collaboration between developers, designers and other professionals to ensure that applications are user-friendly and barrier-free.

Inclusivity is integrated from the beginning of the development process by introducing accessibility checks, user testing with a diverse group of users and continuous feedback. By implementing inclusive design practices, software service providers can ensure that their products are accessible to all users and provide a positive user experience.

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Software makes life easier. It makes it easier to organize, communicate, work, sell, entertain. That's exactly what we do at let's dev: We transform complex topics and processes into direct, structured interaction. Because we combine a lot of experience with even more curiosity, we achieve trend-setting and high-quality results. This makes let's dev the brand for groundbreaking custom software.

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