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User Experience (UX) Design

Making the app an experience

Regardless of the platforms for which applications are developed, the user interface is always of central importance. A consistent look & feel and a well thought-out interaction concept ensures a positive user experience.

User Experience Design in Karlsruhe and Hamburg

We develop intelligently and integratively

The user is our focus and consequently the user interface and user experience are of central importance to us. What we program and design is functional, pleasant to use and fulfills the expectations of the user – that means: Our mobile solutions have a high usability. More so, we not only make apps that connect the user with the desired information but also look attractive and thus convey an emotional experience.

First, we always develop a basic concept and define the navigation structures, the arrangement of elements and the interactions within an application. Based on this, we define a look & feel and create an appealing visual design with meaningful icons. We work with the respective programming language with high attention to detail and pixel accuracy, so that users can find their way around an app perfectly right from the start - and feel comfortable in it!