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The brand for groundbreaking
custom software

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Christian Wack
Managing Director

Karl-J. Wack
Managing Director

Software simplifies life.
It becomes easier to organize, communicate, work, sell, entertain. That's exactly what we do at let’s dev: We transform complex topics and processes into direct, structured interaction.

No matter what industry your company comes from – we plan and program the digital application solution that exactly fits your needs, be it in the field of App development, backend or web development.

Because we combine a lot of experience with even more curiosity, we achieve trend-setting and high-quality results.
This makes let’s dev the brand for groundbreaking custom software.

How we think:

When it comes to software development, we are completely in our element and we know the associated legal legislation down to the last detail. But our claim is to go the decisive step further for our customers: so that we find not only the best, but the very best solution. To do this, we extract everything out of up to date technologies. With every project, we push the limits of what perfectly designed software can do.

The start of a relationship determines its direction, so for us at the beginning of every customer relationship is an individual consultation - in accordance with our principle "broad vision over tunnel vision". We not only think as specialists, but also deal with the task at hand and the company involved in such a profound way that we understand the necessary interrelationships across topics and departments. From this, we develop a well thought-out concept in all directions, which we then execute from the first idea to the project implementation.

How we work:

Creative apps with special usability | let’s dev GmbH & Co. KG

At let’s dev, the developed apps and co. do not just look cool. Our programming and designs are so user-centered that users love them. So we not only care about the right look and feel, but also about the function - and our customers can trust us. We accompany and support them intensively throughout the entire development phase and beyond. We have gained the experience for this in numerous national and international projects, with a broad and varied range of completely different software applications.

How we are:
Ever exploring

Future-oriented and modern apps | let’s dev GmbH & Co. KG

The technology, the codes, the architectures, the processes behind custom software - this is the world we master. But we also always keep a fresh perspective on things. What we particularly enjoy in our job are new topics, new customers and, because we are constantly growing, new team members. That's how we stay agile in our minds - and are excited about the next unprecedented challenge we can realize!

Join our team! | let’s dev GmbH & Co. KG