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User Research Methods

let’s dev - The brand for groundbreaking custom software

We highly value User Research Methods! Our experts in User Research Methods are here to assist you in taking your software solutions to the next level. By applying advanced User Research Methods, we provide valuable insights into the behavior and needs of your users. Through user interviews, observations, and usability tests, we can gain deep insights that allow us to optimize your applications strategically and make them more user-friendly. We understand the challenges users face and develop tailored solutions to meet their requirements.

Our team of User Research experts has extensive experience in conducting various User Research Methods and can help you unlock the full potential of your software solutions. We work closely with our clients to understand their goals and requirements, ensuring that our research findings are seamlessly integrated into their development processes. With carefully selected User Research Methods, you can be confident that your software solutions not only are functional but also provide a top-notch user experience.

User Research Methods

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We program customized apps and advise our customers on all topics related to app development. Our services are perfectly coordinated and based on experience from national as well as international projects.

Research Methods

Research methods play a central role in the systematic investigation of phenomena and the generation of insights. There are various research methods, including quantitative and qualitative approaches, as well as mixed-methods approaches, which provide a combination of both. Quantitative methods focus on the collection and analysis of numerical data, while qualitative methods aim to explore opinions, attitudes and behaviors through non-numerical data. Mixed-methods approaches combine both approaches to achieve a more comprehensive understanding of a phenomenon. The choice of the right research methods depends on the research goals, the nature of the research question and the available resources. By deploying research methods strategically, informed decisions can be made and new insights gained.


Research can help us to better understand complex topics by systematically dealing with them and researching content that ultimately provides us with more knowledge. We are specialists in software development and extensive UX research is a matter of course for us.

UX research often leads to an acceleration of the project process and thus saves time and money - Why? Empirical validation accelerates many development decisions, saving time-consuming and costly revisions. Additionally, resource-saving approaches can be used. Often, with little effort, many valuable insights can be gained from the user's perspective.

Of course, the users are not the solution finders for identified usability deficits - but they themselves know best which functions and processes they need to manage their tasks efficiently. This helps the experts to understand problems in detail and to find a suitable solution. You are not your user! For this reason, UX research should help us to identify the real needs of the user and to eliminate own prejudices and misunderstandings, which could otherwise have a negative impact on the success of the product.

We make it simple

Software makes life easier. It makes it easier to organize, communicate, work, sell, entertain. That's exactly what we do at let's dev: We transform complex topics and processes into direct, structured interaction. Because we combine a lot of experience with even more curiosity, we achieve trend-setting and high-quality results. This makes let's dev the brand for groundbreaking custom software.

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