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UI Design Software Agency

let’s dev - The brand for groundbreaking custom software

A UI design software agency specializes in crafting engaging user interfaces for software applications. Their tasks include analyzing user requirements, developing UI concepts, and translating them into functional and user-friendly designs.

Comprising professionals such as UI designers, UX designers, graphic designers, and developers, these agencies work closely to ensure designs are not only aesthetically pleasing but also meet user needs and provide optimal user experiences.

UI designers are responsible for interface design, creating wireframes, prototypes, and visual designs to support functionality and usability. UX designers focus on enhancing overall user experience by optimizing interface interactions and flow. Graphic designers craft visual elements like icons and buttons, shaping the application's appearance. Developers then implement the design, ensuring smooth integration into the software.

In sum, a UI design software agency plays a crucial role in developing high-quality and user-friendly software applications, leveraging expertise and experience to meet user requirements and add value for users.

UI Design Software Agency

Our services
at a glance

We program customized apps and advise our customers on all topics related to app development. Our services are perfectly coordinated and based on experience from national as well as international projects.

User Interface (UI)

User interface is the term used to describe the user interface at which a person interacts with a computer, machine or work device. The term is also often abbreviated as UI. UI is often mentioned in connection with User Experience (UX). However, it should be noted that UX is primarily concerned with the user's experience in the application. The UI, on the other hand, describes the visual component by which the user operates the application.

With the help of the UI, users can commumnicate with the computer and, for example, enter commands or information. A distinction can be made between different types of UI. There is the well-known GUI, i.e. the graphical UI. As mentioned before, these are visual interfaces that can be operated using a mouse or keyboard. TUI describe text UI that are only controlled with the keyboard. In addition, there is the VUI, voice UI. This gives the possibility to give commands to the computer by speech. This voice control could make it easier for visually impaired people to use computer applications. For experienced users there is also the possibility to communicate through the CLI, Command Line Interface.


According to the Duden dictionary, the term "design" refers to the functional shaping and resulting form of an object of utility. Accordingly, design not only creates an attractive appearance, but also pays particular attention to the demands of functionality.

A good design should always be oriented towards the people for whom it is being developed. The needs, requirements and interests of the target group should always be in focus, which makes a purpose-oriented approach possible. Sometimes in this point design differs from art.

Design is found in a wide variety of disciplines and we encounter it almost everywhere in everyday life. These are, for example, media, fashion or product design. In a technically oriented context, one encounters above all the terms software and user experience design.


Software is a non-physical technical component of a computer. This includes, for example, computer programs and the associated data. Software also determines the behavior and actions of software-controlled hardware. Hardware is a physical part of the computer. Its task is to execute the software.

The requirements for software are becoming increasingly specific. They are not only used in almost all areas of our private everyday lives, but also along the entire value chain of companies. With increasing process digitization, seamless connection to existing systems also plays a decisive role. In this case, no compromises should be made with standardized software.

With let's dev, you rely on customized solutions. During implementation, we focus entirely on your personal requirements and wishes and support you as a competent partner with our many years of experience. In addition to the development of apps, web, backend and cloud solutions, our service portfolio also includes intensive consulting and the visual design (user experience design) of the software.

We make it simple

Software makes life easier. It makes it easier to organize, communicate, work, sell, entertain. That's exactly what we do at let's dev: We transform complex topics and processes into direct, structured interaction. Because we combine a lot of experience with even more curiosity, we achieve trend-setting and high-quality results. This makes let's dev the brand for groundbreaking custom software.

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