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Web and backend developer (m/f/d)

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Web and backend developer (m/f/d)

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Profession with a future: Web and backend developer

Over the years, not only the number of websites has steadily increased, but also the complexity and variety of possible uses. From the company homepage to the online store, everything is represented and the offer continues to grow. Trained specialists, so-called web developers, are needed to develop these software products. In Germany, there are now over 500,000 people working as web developers. For the profession, various centers developed. For example, Berlin, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Karlsruhe have an an above-average number of web and back-end developers. Experts for development are in high demand in many companies, which is why this sector offers good opportunities for young professionals to find permanent employment. This is also evidenced by the number of in the IT sector, which is just 3%. To ensure the supply of the economy, numerous schools and universities offer training courses in the field of web universities offer training courses in the field of web development.

Job description web and backend developer

In addition to the job title of web developer, the assignment web developer, web engineer and web programmer is also frequently used. Web developers specialize in programming web-based software solutions, also called web applications. Besides planning the architecture and writing the code, they are also responsible for maintaining and optimizing already existing websites. In addition to programming scripts and interfaces between different systems, web and backend developers also develop or connect to databases. Since web development is an interaction of many different technologies, web and backend developers must have extensive know-how in various scripting and web-specific programming languages. These include HTML, CSS, Java, C#, C++, JavaScript, AJAX, XML, PHP and SQL.