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Social media and messenger services are changing the way we communicate. That's why the short, snappy message style is also particularly well-suited to addressing users directly from apps: with web-based push and in-app notifications from let's push.

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The small messages appear on the user's lock screen, and only if they want to receive them. Reminders, tips, news and offers sent in this way are therefore welcome: For example, a reminder that there are still a few great items in the shopping cart or that there are new products of interest to the user. And also anything else you want to communicate, such as promotions, shipping notifications, availability, appointment information or information about new content.

Everything under control: The push notifications generate important new information on user behavior. let's push evaluates this in detail and provides meaningful statistics on the individual campaigns.

Targeted segmentation: To ensure that users get exactly what appeals to them, let's push offers a wide variety of filter options for specific target groups. An integrated feedback function helps to get to know users even better. In addition, push notifications can also be sent based on location, e.g. only to users in a certain radius.

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