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#weloveapps Meetup Karlsruhe

The App Development Meetup in Karlsruhe


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First #weloveapps Meetup in Karlsruhe

We at let's dev would like to welcome you to the Festification and Expansion Center (FUX for short) on this evening. You can expect two exciting presentations on the topic of SwiftUI and myths of app development. To kick things off, we'd like to take a close look at what has changed for iOS developers with the introduction of SwiftUI. Then, in the second talk, we will share from our experience what myths exist about the topic of app development. After the presentations, we look forward to an interesting exchange with you in a relaxed atmosphere.

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March 04, 2020

18:30 h

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Two presentations on the topic of app development

picture nicolas spinner

Nicolas Spinner

From UIKit to SwiftUI - what to consider when switching over

For 12 years, UIKit was the "way to go" when it came to native iOS UI development. With SwiftUI, there is now the new star in the sky. But can SwiftUI already be used productively? Or is it rather advisable to still stick to the mature UIKit? The talk is about new ways of thinking, the appeal of declarative UI development and the most important points to consider when making the switch.

picture nicolas spinner
picture karl wack

Karl-J. Wack

It's just an app after all! Myths of app development

Apps have become an indispensable part of our everyday lives, simplifying workflows and optimizing business processes. The design, development and distribution of customized apps require a broad spectrum of knowledge from different disciplines. The lecture deals with the myths of app development, addresses specifics as well as stumbling blocks and answers common questions that may arise during an app project.


The location of the event is in the heart of the creative scene in Karlsruhe on the grounds of the creative park Alter Schlachthof. The Alte Schlachthof is an area in Karlsruhe's Oststadt on which the municipal slaughterhouse was located until 2006. Since its redevelopment, a creative park has been created here with space for companies and startups from the creative sector, cultural centers and artistic institutions. The Consolidation and Expansion Center (FUX for short), built on the site in 2019, offers new development opportunities for young companies that have successfully completed the start-up phase with around 3,300 sqm.

Since April 2019, the FUX has also been home to let's dev's headquarters, as well as the seminar rooms on the 4th floor, where the Meetup will take place.

Consolidation and expansion center

Seminar rooms 4th floor

Alter Schlachthof 33

76131 Karlsruhe

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Meetup is a platform to find and build local communities. Meetups can help you meet new people and learn new things, but also find support to pursue a passion together. Whether it's learning a new language, programming together, cooking together, or finding people with the same interests, there are Meetups for many different topics. If the Meetup group hasn't been created yet, you can simply start your own.

The Meetup group #weloveapps Meetup Karlsruhe is all about apps. Current trends and experiences are shared. Topics that keep app developers busy are addressed. At the same time, insights into the areas of UI/UX design, app distribution and marketing will be provided.

Find out more about our Meetups and the #weloveapps group here:

#weloveapps Meetup Group

App Development

To have access to specifically prepared information at any time and anywhere, conveniently and virtually in your vest pocket: this is what apps offer. App development is the entire process from conception, programming and design to completion and placement in the respective app store. Apps can be programmed in various forms. Native apps are developed in the platform-specific programming languages, whereas mobile web apps are end-device system-independent apps that are accessed via the web browser. Hybrid apps combine the advantages of native and web apps.