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Permanent position web and backend developer (m/w/d)

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Web and backend developer (m/w/d)

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Good prospects for web and backend developers

If you take a look at various online job portals, you will see that web and backend developers in permanent positions are increasingly in demand. However, the job title as such is not protected and there is no special training for this profession yet. However, an academic education in the field of computer science is often required. In general, the activity of web and backend developers in permanent employment can be summarized as the creation of web applications using programming languages and authoring and editing systems.

What are the responsibilities of a permanent web and backend developer?

The job title web/backend developer is associated with a broad range of tasks, which can vary depending on the orientation of the company or the type of project. It is also true that the larger the company, the more specialized the tasks of the web and backend developer. For example, one developer may be responsible for connecting the database, while another is responsible for generating the user interfaces. Web developers also work closely with UX designers and concept developers to advise them on the feasibility of their ideas.

What do permanent web and backend developers need to be able to do?

The most important tool of a web and backend developer are certainly programming languages like Java, JavaScript, Ruby or PHP. Web and backend developers should also be confident in dealing with database systems such as SQL and markup languages such as HTML. In general, logical thinking and also creativity in the search for innovative approaches to solutions are required. Web and backend developers should also have a good command of English.