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Permanent position Team Assistance (m/w/d)

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Team Assistance (m/w/d)

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What does a Team Assistance do?

A team assistant is a key figure in a team or department who performs a variety of tasks to ensure the smooth functioning of the team. This includes the organization meetings, managing calendars, managing documents, and maintaining communication and contact and contact data. In addition, the Team Assistant is responsible for assisting team members with administrative and organizational tasks. This includes the coordination of travel and accommodation bookings as well as the organization of business trips and meetings. The team assistant is also responsible for handling emails and managing phone calls and ensures fast and efficient communication within the team as well as with external partners and customers. Another important aspect of a team assistant's work is the management of budgets and the coordination of projects. The team assistant is responsible for ensuring that all the team's resources are are used optimally and that all projects are completed on time and within budget. In summary, the work of a team assistant is essential to the smooth functioning of a team or department. Through her organizational and administrative skills, she supports the team members to perform their tasks effectively and contributes to the achievement of the company's business company are achieved.

What do permanent UX designers need to be able to do?

The exact requirements for a team assistant position can vary depending on the company and industry vary. However, as a rule, a completed commercial training or a comparable qualification is expected. qualification is expected. Such training can be, for example, an office management assistant or a Kauffrau/-mann für Büromanagement (office management assistant). In addition to appropriate training, good organizational skills, strong communication skills and a quick grasp are important qualities for a team assistant. As a rule, you should also have good knowledge of common office and communication technologies, such as e-mail programs, word processing and spreadsheets. Depending on the company and the area of responsibility, you may also have other skills and qualifications, such as foreign language skills or experience in project management may be an advantage. It is advisable to find out about the exact requirements and expectations of the respective employer in order to prepare best possible preparation for the position as a team assistant.