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Permanent position Junior C++ Developer (m/w/d)

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Permanent position Junior C++ Developer (m/w/d)

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What is C++?

The C++ programming language is used for system and application development. The language, which was created in 1979 as an extension of C, is a widespread standard and the basis for the development of other programming languages such as Java, JavaScript, Objective C or C#. To ensure the uniform further development of C++, standardizations such as the C11 standard from 2011 have been defined several times. The advantage of C++ lies above all in the range of possible uses, which extend from the design and implementation of software to the maintenance of existing systems. Examples of software written in C++ include operating systems of all kinds, browsers or drivers.

What must permanent C++ developers be able to do?

In addition to the conception and programming of applications, the tasks of a C++ developer also include the documentation of the development as well as the care and maintenance of the architecture. A sound knowledge of the programming language of the same name is essential for C++ developers. In addition, C++ development also requires a basic understanding of database handling.

A degree is definitely an advantage when starting a career as a C++ developer, but it is not necessarily a hiring criterion. An apprenticeship or a lateral entry, as is often the case in the IT industry, is also possible. In general, C++ developers should be able to demonstrate a solution-oriented approach to work and be willing to continuously further their education.