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Mobile app developer iOS/Android (m/f/d)

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Mobile app developer iOS/Android (m/f/d)

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Good prospects for mobile app developers

Everyone uses and needs them: Apps. Applications for mobile devices make everyday life easier for many people because they significantly facilitate communication, organization and small everyday situations. Since the app market has been booming, those responsible for the software products in particular are more in demand than ever: mobile app developers. In Germany alone, over 250,000 jobs are already linked to the app economy. In a European comparison, the Federal Republic is thus in second place after Great Britain. Most app developers in Germany, namely 71,0000, work in the capital Berlin. But other conurbations have also developed for the app industry. In addition to the Rhine-Ruhr area with Cologne and Düsseldorf, these also include Stuttgart, Karlsruhe and Hamburg. In order to ensure the supply of capable junior staff in mobile app development, numerous schools and universities offer training courses in the field of mobile app development.

Job description mobile app developer

In addition to the job title of mobile app developer, the classification app developer, mobile developer and mobile app programmer is also frequently used. Mobile app developers technically implement the mobile software, which is mostly designed by concept designers or UX designers. The choice of operating system for which the application is to be programmed is also decisive here. Thus, there are also Mobile app developers who specialize in iOS app development or Android app development. For both platforms, a comprehensive know-how of the respective development environments and programming languages is required. For Android apps, mobile app developers need knowledge in Java, for iOS apps, experience in the languages Objective-C and Swift is usually required. App developers should also have experience in connecting backend systems (e.g. web services). Last but not least, people who want to work as mobile app developers must be willing to continuously learn, as mobile technologies are subject to constant change.