Unisensor Sensorsysteme

Human Machine Interface (HMI) design of the sorting machine Powersort


Unisensor sensor systems

HMI design of the sorting machine Powersort


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Unisensor, innovative high-tech company in the field of process analysis of gases, liquids and solids

Unisensor Sensorsysteme GmbH

User-centered design of the human machine interface of sorting machines




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Human Machine Interface


Human Machine Interface, HMI, Human Machine Interface-Design, HMI-Design, Engineering, Production

Unisensor sensor systems

UNISENSOR Sensorsysteme GmbH is a family-run, innovative high-tech company in the field of process analysis of gases, liquids and solids. The product portfolio of UNISENSOR includes worldwide patented systems for the recycling, beverage, gas and pressure industries as well as for the field of energy technology.

The POWERSORT 360 product developed by UNISENSOR separates different types of plastic, regardless of their color, with an exceptionally high throughput. Up to 10 tons of recycled materials can be sorted per hour. This is based on a unique technology and a revolutionary machine design. The main area of application is the processing of shredder fractions with a high proportion of black plastics.

HMI-Design für Unisensor

New look for the high-tech machine

The revolutionary plastic sorting machine from Unisensor uses laser spectroscopy to sort mixed material streams into single-variety plastic streams or to clean out interfering plastics such as PVC. The conceptualized and developed Human Machine Interface (HMI) for the POWERSORT 360 results in an intiutive control panel and offers all necessary functions as well as the current system status at a glance. Thanks to the clearly structured and uncluttered Human Machine Interface design of the POWERSORT 360, employees can interact with the machine quickly and specifically on the dashboard.

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