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Permanent position Research Engineer (m/w/d)

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Research Engineer (m/w/d)

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What does a Research Engineer do?

As a Research Engineer in Computer Science, the tasks are varied and depend on the specific focus of the project. In general, however, Research Engineers work to develop new knowledge and technologies that can be applied to the fields of computer science and computer engineering. An important part of the job is to apply scientific methods and techniques to gain new insights and solve existing problems. This requires an extensive knowledge of current technologies and scientific methods used in computer science. A Research Engineer in Computer Science is also often responsible for designing and conducting experiments to test their hypotheses. In doing so, they must often be creative and adapt their work to solve unanticipated results or problems. In addition, the ability to effectively communicate and present results is an important task. Research Engineers must be able to present their work in scientific publications and at conferences to share their findings with a wider audience. Another important aspect is collaborating with other researchers and scientists to share ideas and create synergies. Research Engineers in Computer Science often work in teams and must be able to collaborate effectively with others to achieve their goals. Overall, working as a Research Engineer in Computer Science requires a high level of expertise and the ability to solve complex problems. At the same time, it also requires strong communication skills and the ability to work in teams. By developing new technologies and techniques that can be applied to computer science, Research Engineers play an important role in shaping the future of our technology-based world.

What do permanent Research Engieeners need to be able to do?

As a Computer Science Research Engineer, you need extensive training and skills to work effectively in this field. In general, the following requirements are important: