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Thesis User Interface Design/User Experience Design (Bachelor thesis / Master thesis)

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Thesis User Interface Design/User Experience Design (Bachelor thesis / Master thesis)

Take on exciting challenges in the design and development of mobile software solutions (apps), gain experience in national and international projects, and at the same time lay the foundation for your professional goals and aspirations - with your thesis at let's dev!

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Combining theory and practice:
Thesis in the company

No one who has invested a lot of time, energy and effort in their thesis wants to see it gathering dust in the in the university's storerooms. For this reason, more and more students from software design programs such as media informatics, communication design or digital media write their bachelor's or master's thesis in a company. The main reason for cooperating with a company is the close practical relevance. Instead of exclusively examining theoretical ideas, real software can be conceived and designed. A thesis in the area of UX design is also recommended for those who already have concrete ideas about a permanent position later on. Many companies offer students a permanent employment contract once the thesis has been successfully submitted. If you are considering a permanent position as a serious option for yourself, you should comprehensive information in order to select the right company and topic. Often, companies also provide suggestions for topics that they would like students to work on as part of a thesis. This is a great advantage for all those who find it difficult to find a suitable topic.